We are Proud to Introduce to You Vsmoda a Brand Created By Viken Samuel Fashion Creator Started in 1988

in Reykjavik ,Iceland .We produce and Direct Manufacture Our Complete Line.Vsmoda is a brand for a Fashionable and Classical Ladies  Ages from 18 To 55's Our Target is To Introduce our line Such as a Smooth and Cozy Fashion Clothing's With a reasonable Budget .

vsmoda.com is one of the first online retailers and has been helping fashion-conscious women look gorgeous since 2008.

Our target consumers are the wholesalers who primarily focus on fast fashion apparel and are eager to attract fashion forward ladies. 

We always strive to be excitingly innovative and aim to offer our clientele fashion forward pieces that they long for. Most importantly, we guarantee our customer’s shopping safety so that they may freely shop without having to worry about their online security.


Price & Cost:

about-icon.pngOffer competitive prices 

about-icon.pngFree shipping



about-icon.pngFast delivery, all shipped by Air./Cargo

about-icon.pngGlobal warehouses cooperate with reliable logistic companies around the world, thus saving you shipping costs and guarantee the safety of your delivery.

MOQ and Stock:

about-icon.pngLow MOQ (1 pack/SKU) with mixed order support. 

about-icon.pngAbundant stocks with a strong supply chain system. More than 400  styles in stock and constant updates with new styles, monthly. 

about-icon.pngAdvanced order processing system and inventory management system, which support and process.


Styles and Quality:

about-icon.pngUnique designs with high-quality fabric!

Always leading the fashion trends and closely working with our own designers and models to perfect the look of each product for a more breathtaking outcome.

In recent years, Vsomda.com has become an icon among the Nordic and European countries, with an increasing sales volume.

Customer Services:

Exceptional customer service throughout the entirety of the purchasing process + beyond. 

Great cooperation in multiple ways and flexible communication methods based on your business. 

VIP specialist services and so on.


All of these advantages make VSmoda Cloth standout among other online retail and/or wholesale stores. Start your journey with www.Vsmoda.com and start a new era of development!

We hope that you Like our Products .

thank you

Viken Samuél.
Chris et Max 
9 Rue Sully
26000 Valence. France
Tel .+33 06 07 59 66 73

Please feel free to send us Any Requirement you like for our products, * If You Like To * Such as Other Colors - Other Sizes - Other Types of Fabrics , We are a Confection Company and we are able to create even Special Requirements.and

Private own Labels