We are proud to introduce VSMODA a Brand made by Viken Samùel Fashion Creator started in 1985, In Reykjavik Iceland. We manufacture our complete clothing line.
VSmoda Design is a brand for fashionable and classical ladies for ages from 18 to 55. Our target is to introduce our line such as a smooth and cozy fashion clothing's with a reasonable budget.
We hope that you like our products.
Please feel free to send us any requirement you like for our products, If you want other colors, sizes, types of fabrics. We are a confection Company and are able to create even special unique requirements.

Our history
VSmoda Fashion is the fruit of long experience in the field of textiles. Indeed, the family Samuelsson, founder of VS, practicing in the field of textile since 1985 began with the manufacturing and extended its activity to ensure maximum integration and to control the cost of manufacturing.
Our range
VS offers a range of products that seeks to satisfy different tastes: Classic and Chic and aimed ladies. Our range includes first of all 85% Dresses Ready to Wear and also the lingerie, swimwear tights etc.

The quality of our products
VSmoda offers products of incomparable quality, thanks to a strong requirement on the quality of products, high quality fabrics and high-end clothing. VS offers two collections a year plus each month for many innovations to offer customers the latest fashion trends.

We Offer Range of Many Different Style of Dresses Tunics – Leggings and other Articles , With All Sizes from 36 To 60.

A requirement on the high quality of products:

Through high quality fabrics and a high-end clothing. Quality is a criterion for which VS makes no concessions. If a product does not meet the quality requirements imposed by VS.

Thank you
Viken Samuel
France -Tel + 33
Factory -Tel +216 26.306.270
Iceland -Tel +354 845.78.69

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